Saturday, December 14, 2013

School photos

Pretty self explanatory I think. The boys were the subject of some recent camera antics by Scott. I was thinking the classic dickie bow would be a good look for them to sport at Christmas.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The clocks have gone back. My cycle home from work is now in the dark. The cycle to work soon will be too. The wood burning stove is repaying the investment. And Harris is reluctant to leave the house in the morning. It must be nearly winter.  Poor Harris feels the cold terribly with just a fine short haired coat to protect him from the elements. Horatio has his full blown double wool coat so he's just starting to feel a normal temperature again after the summer.

What are we to do with Harris? His skinny rain coat just doesn't cut it and his lovely hand knit snood doesn't come down over his coxis.

We've been eying up various models on other vizlas but I'm afraid I baulk at £84 for a quilted coat. Scott is adamant he can create one. I'm off to Barcelona today for a trade show. I can hardly wait to see the result...

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I've gone all Martha Stewart. I'm sure it must be a recognised condition. If this continues, I'll soon progress onto wreaths and garlands. Horatio loved the pumpkin carving and insisted on helping out. Every pumpkin needs a good lick and nibble round the edges :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Speak up boy!!

No murmurring please, Horatio!  If you have something to say, I'd prefer you said it out loud and got it off your chest.  So, your recent moodiness, lethargy and general 'old man' behaviour isn't indicative of terrier teenage troubles?  Nope, the wee dude is sick!!  HHH had a sore something (in a private place) recently so I marched him off to the vets (AGAIN) for the once over.  He was running a temperature and seemed to be fighting something.  No biggy, we got some pills and headed home for some R&R.

A week later and the mood had lifted somewhat and someone's privates weren't so sore. I thought it best to return though for a check up.  And what does the vet the nonchalantly say?  You know he has a heart murmur, yes?  Ehhh, NO. HHH has never had a whisper, a mutter or a murmur.  But now he does!  Poor wee dude has been stoically carrying on whilst having something wrong with his ticker.  It's rather taken the wind out of my sails.  My worst fear is that he's still poorly and this might get worse.  Apparently dogs, like humans can have murmurs with no real side effects but still I worry.  Fingers crossed that a week of taking it easy and some meds to combat Lyme disease (he was badly bitten by ticks on holiday in Balmoral)... ho hum.  Waiting it out for the next appointment.   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harris the Munro Bagger

In my last post I threw down the gauntlet to Harris, to do something bloggable.  As I have mentioned before Harris doesn't covet the limelight in quite the same way as another dog I know.  We have just returned from holiday in Royal Deeside no less where we were staying by the beautiful Loch Muick on the Balmoral Estate.  Harris and Horatio took to it like ducks to water, and yes, I am pleased to announce that Harris came up trumps with a newsworthy achievement.  He bagged his first Munro* (Lochnagar).  When given the option to come too, Horatio indicated a strong preference to hanging out at the Hut (aka, the holiday house), where second breakfast was being enjoyed.

The rest of the holiday was not without incident.  The boys met the corgis.  And I mean the Corgis.  Unfortunately everyone else was so dumbfounded by the chance meeting, they forgot to collect photographic evidence.  I was bitterly disappointed to have missed out such an attention from the Royal Household.  

Of course the most exciting rendez vous of the trip was with Bouncing Bertie himself and his loyal companion Gail!  In spite of some negative comments from Bertie re Horatio's increasing girth, much  fun was had by all including us humans.  Again photos were hard come by..

* Munros are Scottish mountains over 3000 feet, of which there are 282.  Those aiming to summit all 282 are fondly referred to as Munro Baggers.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Harris Pressure

I stand accused of not including Harris in this blog. Poor Harris. He is just the sweetest most innocent Viszla in the world. Unquestioning devotion and love of me, food and going for a walk. He doesn't give attitude. Happy go lucky, he's fine with going with the flow as long as he is with you. The question is, how bloggable is this? Horatio is forever giving attitude and talking back. I have challenged Harris to do something of significance... 
No pressure Harris.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Handsome Horatio

Four hours later, Horatio appears transformed both physically and in personality!  Full of beans and apparently happy (ok, so I project that emotion on to him, but he is wagging his tail more..)

Hurrah for professional dog groomers!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer tails (sic)

Gullane Bay with the British Open in the background.  
The other major sporting event here later in the summer is when I swim across the bay.. (my own personal challenge!)

Summer arrived in Scotland over a month ago. Long days of heat. Sun. No rain. Quite amazing really. I had almost forgotten what it's like to have a proper summer at home.  Cycling to work in shorts and sandals. No coat. No additional jumpers in case I get cold. Sun glasses become an essential item when leaving the house, along with house keys and poop bags. The boys are enjoying it for the most part. Except poor Horatio who is suffering in his heavy wool coat. We have pondered the merits of getting him clipped. He'd be much more comfortable and probably more like himself. However his colouring would grey... A selfish middle class dilemma. Just get the darn dog clipped and 'summer-ready' before the summer disappears!

I'm a bit hot. Can someone turn the heat down?

So with some hesitation we have made an appointment with Jack the dog groomer in Liberton. To appease my concerns re colouring we are going for the more arduous, expensive and potentially less effective hand stripping. I doubt Horatio will care either way. It will be three hours of torture for the wee guy.  He'll enjoy hill walking more afterwards. Nor will he smell like an old bath mat....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trouble at mill...

Horatio turned two in March... during the interminable winter here in Edinburgh.  I think the prolonged cold weather has affected his olfactory skills.  He has failed to handle a clear situation of insubordination.... this fox danders through our garden (on the right), sauntering past the veggie patch, the plant pots and Horatio's toys.  And then to add insult to injury falls asleep in the neighbour's garden in the middle of the afternoon!!!
Zoom in to see the FOX!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Enduring January.. Top tip from Horatio.

January has to be the toughest month out there. Why oh why do we rush to fit in Christmas at the end of December when there is still the prospect of three more dreary months with no fairy lights, Christmas trees, cheer etc? My suggestion is we push Christmas back by three weeks. That way, We'd have more time to enjoy that pre Christmas buzz and then the post Christmas funk wouldn't last so long.

Horatio has a different idea. You should YouTube WFT videos. The Guardian posted a corker this week:
 Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Happy Monday everyone!