Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woof for help!

Horatio and I have been attending dog behaviour classes for the last month with mixed success. Compared to all the other pups he has the attention span of a gnat but on the plus side, everyone knows him because of his sparkling personality!

Classes draw to a close next week. Sniff. We may never master 'leave it!' or 'wait!' but on occasion can be relied on for starting a round of barking. However we have a problem. To our collective horror last night, Lynn the Dog Lady informed us that all pupils would be required to perform a party trick on the last night. OMG!!! All suggestions will be considered, including the wild and wacky, as this may distract from the fact we aren't actually being very obedient.... Am considering sending Scott that night.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why the radio silence?

What with returning to work, celebrating my birthday with my twin, DIYing and taking HRH to dog classes, life has been a little hectic of late. Hence the lack of updates on Horatio. He's become a proper wee dog with attitude. This makes dog classes interesting to say the least. We've mastered 'sit', 'stay' (for varying amounts of time) and 'muzzle' (that's another story). I don't imagine many manufacturers of dog treats will go out of business anytime soon.

Horatio continues to develop his hobbies. Digging and burying things have always been a favourite, however he has recently branched out into gardening.... shame Scott didn't see this as a positive development.

Now, Horatio has requested some feedback from his fellow WHFTs. With autumn almost upon us (yikes, I know it's only August but there's a wiff of it in the air), Horatio was considering his options.... this smart cape was designed with him in mind by Walker Slater in Victoria Street, Edinburgh. Is this dashing enough for him?
Given his newly-discovered love of lochs.... perhaps we should consider a more practical gore-tex coat...