Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Fear of Cape Wrath...

Storm brewing in Durness..
Onboard the 'marathon bus'
Fewer smiles at the half way point...
Horatio's grown quickly! Hahaha, only kidding. We made friends with Oscar in Durness. Apparently his mum came from Granddach.
THIS is Horatio at Yellow Craigs! A little more growing to go..

Just back from a week's racing in the far North West of Scotland. A whole team of Portobello runners hired a house in Durness for the Challenge, participating in five running races over the week. The whole point of the trip was to compete in the Cape Wrath Marathon. Unfortunately it was re-routed off the cape due to gales and horizontal rain. Hence we ended up running uphill and into a 20mph wind for the first 13miles. I managed a record breaking negative split of 12minutes.. oh and by some miracle another 3:12 marathon and this time a PB by 1 second!!
The worst bit about the week, was having to abandon Horatio. We'd booked the holiday house back in January, long before we thought we'd have a dog and it was strictly no pooches. So he headed off to Scott's parents for his own holiday / boot camp. They were raving about having trained him to sleep through the night.... no sign of that. Or maybe that is his payback for not taking him. Any how, to make it up to him, we headed out to Yellow Craigs this morning for a sneeky first beach visit.... le gusto mucho!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

From Russia with love....

Although a mere pup at only nine weeks Horatio has already succeeded in forging international relations. Not only has he made friends with Bertie in Aberdeen, Lacie & co in the US, he's also looking east to Moscow. Meet Zigi, the fox terrier of Dimitry and Natalya in Russia.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Popular demand...

... is a powerful thing. As is the cuteness of Horatio. Here's some more photos of him during his first couple of weeks with us. He continues to chew, bite, piddle and melt hearts :)