Monday, February 27, 2012

All by myself..

Horatio's a rather independent young dog.  On our trip to the Lakes earlier this month, the wee man took to sitting posing by himself on the summit of the hills we climbed.  Here he is taking in the views of Windermere. 
Perhaps he took to heart my last posting bemoaning my inability to take a decent picture of him.  The next photo actually shows the reality of the situation.  He didn't want to be seen anywhere near me, preferring the lonesome dog look.
This aside, we had a grand time in the Lakes.  The weather was kind enough, we managed lots of walks and runs, and Horatio had lots of friends in the house to entertain him (thanks Rosie, Tilly & Sophie!)  Best recommendation?  Pavey Ark in Langdale is an easy morning jaunt with a jaw-dropping view to reward at the top.  My nephew Sam enjoyed the amble in his tweed cap and walking stick.  No walk is complete in the Lakes without a pint in the local pub afterwards.  I was delighted to frequent so many and that Horatio was allowed in too.  Hurray for equal rights!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

School Photo

I am continually impressed by the standard of photography displayed by dog bloggers (see Bouncing Bertie and George the Lad & Tess).  My attempts to capture the cuteness of Horatio are always foiled by the wee man himself, who can't sit still long enough.  Hence the preponderance of sleeping Horatio photos on this blog.   I was most chuffed with myself this weekend just past when I managed to capture this beauty of HHH.  It puts me in mind of old official school photos.  The only thing missing is the school tie (oh, and a neutral background, not the chaos of our kitchen).

We are off to the Lakes this weekend for half term holidays.  HHH will get to meet up with his cousins Tilly and Sophie.  I can't wait for the wintry walks up hills and round lakes, visits to cafes and country pubs, not to mention long evenings round the kitchen table, wine glass in hand, chatting with family.  I would promise lots of photos on my return but not sure Horatio will oblige.  Any tips on taking the perfect pooch picture?