Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harris the Munro Bagger

In my last post I threw down the gauntlet to Harris, to do something bloggable.  As I have mentioned before Harris doesn't covet the limelight in quite the same way as another dog I know.  We have just returned from holiday in Royal Deeside no less where we were staying by the beautiful Loch Muick on the Balmoral Estate.  Harris and Horatio took to it like ducks to water, and yes, I am pleased to announce that Harris came up trumps with a newsworthy achievement.  He bagged his first Munro* (Lochnagar).  When given the option to come too, Horatio indicated a strong preference to hanging out at the Hut (aka, the holiday house), where second breakfast was being enjoyed.

The rest of the holiday was not without incident.  The boys met the corgis.  And I mean the Corgis.  Unfortunately everyone else was so dumbfounded by the chance meeting, they forgot to collect photographic evidence.  I was bitterly disappointed to have missed out such an attention from the Royal Household.  

Of course the most exciting rendez vous of the trip was with Bouncing Bertie himself and his loyal companion Gail!  In spite of some negative comments from Bertie re Horatio's increasing girth, much  fun was had by all including us humans.  Again photos were hard come by..

* Munros are Scottish mountains over 3000 feet, of which there are 282.  Those aiming to summit all 282 are fondly referred to as Munro Baggers.


Bouncing Bertie said...

Congratulations Harris on bagging Lochnagar. It is a truly splendid walk is it not? It was my second Munro, after Beinn Alligin.
Well it was great to meet you and Horatio and all your extended family.
But yes it is a disappointment that there are no corgi, sorry, Corgi photos. You really do need to get those humans of your better trained.
Toodle pip!

pb said...

Love the smart jacket Harris!
I agree with Bouncing Bertie that Horatio is getting a bit barrel like! Still, he does seem very fit.
I also think more photos is a great idea, especially as Scott has a great camera and lenses and takes great photos.
Keep up the good work Harris!