Friday, October 18, 2013

Speak up boy!!

No murmurring please, Horatio!  If you have something to say, I'd prefer you said it out loud and got it off your chest.  So, your recent moodiness, lethargy and general 'old man' behaviour isn't indicative of terrier teenage troubles?  Nope, the wee dude is sick!!  HHH had a sore something (in a private place) recently so I marched him off to the vets (AGAIN) for the once over.  He was running a temperature and seemed to be fighting something.  No biggy, we got some pills and headed home for some R&R.

A week later and the mood had lifted somewhat and someone's privates weren't so sore. I thought it best to return though for a check up.  And what does the vet the nonchalantly say?  You know he has a heart murmur, yes?  Ehhh, NO. HHH has never had a whisper, a mutter or a murmur.  But now he does!  Poor wee dude has been stoically carrying on whilst having something wrong with his ticker.  It's rather taken the wind out of my sails.  My worst fear is that he's still poorly and this might get worse.  Apparently dogs, like humans can have murmurs with no real side effects but still I worry.  Fingers crossed that a week of taking it easy and some meds to combat Lyme disease (he was badly bitten by ticks on holiday in Balmoral)... ho hum.  Waiting it out for the next appointment.