Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumnal Walk in the Park

I've been feeling really under par the last few weeks, despite the iron tablets that I'm taking like there's no tomorrow.  Running has had to go on the back burner and walks with Horatio are my main form of exercise, entertainment and stress buster.  Luckily we've been having a fabulous autumn - really mild and dry, which means the autumn colours are still out there to be enjoyed.

Today Horatio had a play date and sleepover with Kipper (owned by Lucy, the ultra-runner).  We all piled into the car (gone are the days when I walk/run the mile to the park...), and hit Dalkeith Country Park.  The colours were just amazing.  A very gentle day but sometimes you got to take what you are given.  Homemade fish chowder for tea and a night in front of the new wood burner (not cold enough to be really needed but it's soooo comforting!).  Scott is living in shorts.