Sunday, July 22, 2012

Has the summer arrived?

Horatio keeps asking what summer is. He has vague memories of last year as a young pup lounging in the sun shine. On his day bed in the garden. Warmth on his woolly coat. But he was very young, so it's all a bit misty for him. The last six weeks have seen us all wonder if the end is nye. Scott has even contacted someone regarding an ark. I mean a boat. We were therefore all rather taken aback when the sun made a long overdue appearance this week. Eyes a-blinking, we hot footed it to Gullane, three days in a row for walks and swims. There's nothing as rewarding as falling into bed at night, exhausted after a day of sandy fun. Swim-stuff swinging on the washing line in anticipation of more adventures tomorrow.

Where will we go today?