Monday, January 30, 2012

Where did January go?

2012 didn't have the most auspicious start - New Year's Day was mared by a mean head cold which sent me back to bed at 2pm.  And no, I hadn't been celebrating excessively the night before.  The following day wasn't much better. Scott, Horatio and I hit the road home to Scotland, a journey which lasted a ridiculous 12 hours or so. 

I was determined to approach the new year and dullest month ever with new resolve and positive outlook.  Things needed rationalising in the house.  Work required a more positive and can-do attitude.  Running... ran out of my life in December and had to make a reappearance soon..

Then the reality of January hit.  Boy, what a dreary and tough month is January.  Even the sun can't be bothered to get out of bed.  No matter what mind games I play on myself, it's still a slog to crawl out from under the duvet in the morning.

Right, enough whinging.  It's 30 January.  We have survived.  Let's focus on the positives:

  • we have a new Nespresso machine - this greatly facilitates early mornings.  I can especially recommend the fortissio lungo
  • the weather has been rather kind of late (ignoring the hurricanes) and I've been able to cycle into work most days
  • our wood burning stove is going strong and Horatio loves it (yes, he's using a log as a pillow)

  • my running is coming back (did a 14 miler on Saturday and then raced the Borders Cross Country on Sunday down in Berwick)

(thanks Peter for the photo)
  • The day after tomorrow is February and the sun will rise at 08.09
  • We go on holiday to the Lakes in 12 days time and we're staying in Steam Train Cottage
  • My twin sis comes to visit on 23 February!