Sunday, May 13, 2012

When is a blog, no longer a blog?

Time has flown since my last post. Too much time. Which begs the question, can I still call this a blog. Perhaps a blong is better given how long it takes me to post. I can't possibly list all that I've been up to since Horatio's birthday. Suffice to say work has been high on the priority list. The Spring and Autumn tend to be really mad with regards workload and travel. There's one major trip left this side of the summer and unfortunately, it's a biggy. IMEX in Frankfurt which kicks off a week on Tuesday. 

To more pleasant thoughts though. Scott, Horatio and I have just returned from a marvellous holiday in Royal Deeside. We travelled en famille to a holiday cottage on the Balmoral Estate. For those not in the know, Queenie spends her summer holidays every year in Balmoral Castle. We were staying in what Queen Victoria called 'The Hut'. Funny hut that sleeps 13, has a working bell system to call for servants (latter not provided) and boasts two 'gutting' rooms plus larder to hang the kill... Oh, and this was the view out the front door. 

Horatio was in his element, playing lord of the manor, roaming his estate, keeping the deer in check and playing chasies through the house with the other dogs. 

Scott was in his element too, playing backwoods man, cooking meat outdoors, hunting for deer antlers (he found three) and taking loads of nature photos on his new camera. 

I tried my best to chill and not aggrievate my hip injury by running too much. It was difficult given how beautiful the surroundings were. One highlight of the trip was meeting up with Gail and Bouncing Bertie. Horatio and Bertie get on like a house on fire and must have covered twice the distance we did by chasing each other. Their encounter deserves a whole post in itself.  Watch this space.  

Back to work tomorrow morning.  Best get planning the next holiday.  Gairloch in October anyone?