Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer tails (sic)

Gullane Bay with the British Open in the background.  
The other major sporting event here later in the summer is when I swim across the bay.. (my own personal challenge!)

Summer arrived in Scotland over a month ago. Long days of heat. Sun. No rain. Quite amazing really. I had almost forgotten what it's like to have a proper summer at home.  Cycling to work in shorts and sandals. No coat. No additional jumpers in case I get cold. Sun glasses become an essential item when leaving the house, along with house keys and poop bags. The boys are enjoying it for the most part. Except poor Horatio who is suffering in his heavy wool coat. We have pondered the merits of getting him clipped. He'd be much more comfortable and probably more like himself. However his colouring would grey... A selfish middle class dilemma. Just get the darn dog clipped and 'summer-ready' before the summer disappears!

I'm a bit hot. Can someone turn the heat down?

So with some hesitation we have made an appointment with Jack the dog groomer in Liberton. To appease my concerns re colouring we are going for the more arduous, expensive and potentially less effective hand stripping. I doubt Horatio will care either way. It will be three hours of torture for the wee guy.  He'll enjoy hill walking more afterwards. Nor will he smell like an old bath mat....

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Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi Horatio
Hope things go OK with the grooming business pal. I'm down in England at the moment and boy has it been hot here.
Gail says best of luck with the swimming to Mandy. I am wondering if the water is green...
Toodle pip!