Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woof for help!

Horatio and I have been attending dog behaviour classes for the last month with mixed success. Compared to all the other pups he has the attention span of a gnat but on the plus side, everyone knows him because of his sparkling personality!

Classes draw to a close next week. Sniff. We may never master 'leave it!' or 'wait!' but on occasion can be relied on for starting a round of barking. However we have a problem. To our collective horror last night, Lynn the Dog Lady informed us that all pupils would be required to perform a party trick on the last night. OMG!!! All suggestions will be considered, including the wild and wacky, as this may distract from the fact we aren't actually being very obedient.... Am considering sending Scott that night.


Bouncing Bertie said...

Horatio, so pleased to hear that you have been maintaining our breed reputation at puppy class! As for the party trick -have you ever tried jumping through a hoop? It really impresses the humans, is dead easy, and doesn't involve any submissive behaviour, so I think for you it would be a breeze.
If I have any other ideas I'll let you know.
Toodle pip!
Bertie (proud winner of the 'longest sit' prize at the end of term puppy class party, I'll have you know).

Bouncing Bertie said...

Gail says: perhaps you could sing along to your favourite music Horatio?!


Hey there Horatio's mom...


Bertie sent me over...
I believe that both Horatio and Bertie are yappers...well, here's a trick you can show them...

Since Horatio already knows how to 'talk' (i.e Yap/bark), put your forefinger on your check and tell him to 'Talk!' while he is yapping/barking. (If necessary bark at him too). If you treat him when he yaps/barks, (whilst you have your finger on your cheek), he'll eventually associate his yapping with your 'Talk' command.
Dogs who yap/bark excessively learn this surprisingly quickly. You never know, you could get him to do it before your class.
(You might find that you will have to 'bark' too, during the initial 'teaching' phase. It can be embarrassing, but it's pretty effective when you eventually get it right!)
Good luck! Crossing paws for you. Don't give up with the training - every dog has its talent!
Sending lotsaluv

The Life of Riley said...


Bertie sent me over. A quick and easy party trick for a young pup to learn is "twist and spin".

With your index finger pointing out (and food tucked in your hand under your other fingers) put your hand in above Horatio's nose so he knows the food is in your hand. Move your hand round in a big clockwise circle getting so Horatio follows the food and walk in a circle while saying "twist" Give him the treat. Keep repeating the circles, raising your hand up a bit higher and making the clockwise circle your hand does smaller and smaller saying "twist" each time as he completes a small circle, until your hand is only doing a small circle (he should be watching your hand for direction and food!), until only your index finger is moving in a tiny circle.

Horatio should now be doing cute little clockwise circles to earn his treat. Repeat all this going anti-clockwise to teach him to "spin". You can make him to do sevearal circles at a time to earn his treat, or alternate the direction of his circles with just the slightest movement of your index finger, and there is your first party trick (and dance move!).