Sunday, September 02, 2012

Operation 'Settling In'

It's now ten days since Harris joined our household.  Ten days of chaos (for most of us). Sleep-deprivation (mine). Forgetfulness (also mine). Dog wrestling (Harris and Horatio).  Piddling (Harris). But also some great fun (all).  It does the soul good to see two dogs get to know each other.  Testing out the boundaries, playing, exploring each others beds and dog wrestling. Harris isn't officially allowed out for another seven days until his booster kicks in.  We've been a bit naughty though and taken both Horatio and Harris to near empty clean beaches for a run.

Our current favourite beach is Seacliff by North Berwick. Although it's £2 to get in, it's well worth it for the stunning views of the Bass rock, Tantallon castle and Scotland's smallest harbour.

Horatio is a die-hard football fan. I'm sure he was a defender in a previous life.  He spent today showing Harris how it should be done.
Speed - tuck those ears in to minimise drag
Agility - no ball is ever too far or out of reach

It was probably a bit advanced for the wee guy.  Harris is still finding his feet and learning how to coordinate legs, tail, ears and mouth.  Gangly legs are difficult to control and excess skin tends to wobble a bit.  The camera can be rather unforgiving.  He gave it his best shot though and I see great potential for my new running buddy.  Just keep growing those wee legs!

I even took to the waters to join in the fun, although I wasn't exactly swimming lengths of the beach.  I really should take my swimming a little more seriously.  I am so jealous of friends to take off into the sea for 20 -30 minutes at a time, whilst I flail around in the shallows.

And thus endeth another weekend.  Work is unfortunately rather manic at the moment.  This past week had me travelling up to Inverness for two days of meetings.  I had secretly been relishing the thought of a night of unbroken sleep.  Wrong.  I stupidly left my iPad on the train and spent a fretful night worrying and chastising myself for my stupidity.  There is a happy ending though.  Some honest soul handed it in to the guard and after some foot stamping and persistence on my part, I called several stations on the route back to Edinburgh and found it!!  Thank you to my guardian angel.


Sam said...

Thank goodness for honest folks! I'm glad everyone is having fun!


Bouncing Bertie said...

I can't remember, but Gail says that I too found my legs hard to control once upon a time. Hang in there, wee Harris, you'll master it in no time at all.
Toodle pip!

Pippa Sheltie said...

Haha! The beaches here are really just as good as the ones in holiday brochures! Horatio looks really good at football, it's true! Maybe Harris will learn soon!
Lucky you got your iPad back!
I've been reading through some of your posts, they're great!
I live in the north east of Scotland.
Pippa :)