Saturday, August 25, 2012

Harris #2

Introducing Harris the Hungarian Vizsla.  Or to use his full name, Harris Unger Ferguson.  AKA Horatio's new buddy.  Partner in crime.  Side kick.  Play pal.  
My sister Alison with Harris
Yep, we've taken the plunge and finally acquired a second pup.  Many think we are mad.  One breeder refused us a pup for having an unsuitable lifestyle for a sensitive dog, preferring to send the pups off to a harsh life of work.  And how is Horatio adapting to this seismic change in home life I hear you ask.  Well, see for yourself.  After the initial formal introduction....

Harris quickly assumed the role of taking Horatio for walkies!

Needless to say, the last 24 hours have been entertaining, manic but also somewhat focused.  The regimented routine of taking someone out to the garden for piddles, makes time drag.  Horatio needs his walks more than ever lest he feels neglected and second best.  He's recovering from another toe nail operation - this time to have it completely removed along with half his toe!  August has been a rather demanding month.  Roll on the next three weeks til Harris can go out for walkies!!  I'll keep you posted.


Sam said...

He's adorable! Welcome, Harris!


Bouncing Bertie said...

A big welcome to Harris! Despite not being a wire-haired fox terrier, he is quite a handsome laddie, I must say.

But Horatio, a word of advice dear chap. Milk it for all it's worth. You know, the whole Mandy and Scott worried that you might be put out by the new arrival business.

Can't wait to read how things progress.

Oh if only I were allowed to have a brother...

Toodle pip!

George The Lad said...

Oh Horatio you have a play mate and a very handsome one at that.

Everyone we knew didn't think is was a good idea for us to have another dog. But the interaction between the two of them is priceless, it took a while for George to find his way in the pack but its all storted and they get on well together.
You will have so much fun with two dogs. Keep us undated as to how things are going.
Jan, George and Tess xxx