Friday, November 23, 2012

Fight! Moi??

So Harris has been with us for three months now. He's house trained. He's going for walks with the dog walkers. He's still eating for Britain.  However he's also bigger than Horatio who's now a teenager and dealing with all manner of angst. This reads as trouble.
Pondering some life issues...

Yes, there's lots of play fighting, wrestling and gnashing of teeth but in general the two wee guys love each other. Quiet moments like this make me feel all warm and fuzzy. However, as I said, Horatio is working through a few issues. Who am I? What is my position? Who is this upstart who now pushes me about? And why can he run faster than me when he puts his mind to it?

Brotherly love

This all came to a head two weeks ago when I was (again) away with work. I call home to check everyone is behaving and am regaled a terrible tale of flying fur, gushing blood and a panicked trip to the vets (not another trip?!). Horatio, in all his wisdom has transferred his frustrations to inanimate objects, primarily balls, of which he is now quite possessive. Whilst out with his beloved dog walkers, Fran & Ellen, one of the gang nonchalantly thought he would join Horatio in playing ball. Big mistake. Thus ensued a dog fight. Yes a proper dog fight with both dogs going for each others' throats...  And Horatio came of worse. The other dog must have knicked a blood vessel on his throat. Thankfully I have no photos. And even more thankfully the gushing did stop. By the time I got home there was nothing to see but a small shaved chin and a v small wound.
Testing times...

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Bouncing Bertie said...

Now Horatio this won't do at all will it? I mean, I'm sorry about the fight and all, and glad your wound is healing etc. but have you ever considered that with your 'issues' with your new brother you are being just a wee bit selfish. I mean, there's me, who would love nothing more to have another pup to play with, and you let the side down totally by giving Mandy cause to blog about some of the more challenging aspects of bringing a new dog into the home. You do realise that Gail reads this too don't you? What chance now that she will bring home a pal for me? Well I am looking forward to more of 'brotherly love' pictures, unaccompanied by 'testing times'. Please.
Toodle pip!