Sunday, June 05, 2011

A walk in the woods

Who lives here? I believe it's the hard to spot tootflits...
Horatio went to investigate..
No one was home.

Today we headed out to Pressmennan Wood in East Lothian with Horatio for a 'fairy walk'. I was more than a little sceptical but pleasantly surprised by the evidence of wee folk living in the forest. Horatio thought it was none too bad either


Yak Hunter said...

Cool! Is there a Pressmennan lake nearby? Apparently its good for swimming in.

Climbingmandy said...

Yeah there's a v pretty lake but it was green.... Don't think that was for the fairy effect.

Bouncing Bertie said...

Good to see you're developing a healthy sense of curiosity Horatio!
Toodle pip!
PS We can't help wondering what Horatio is will shortened to, when time is too short for four syllables..

Climbingmandy said...

Hey Bouncing Bertie
great to hear from you again! At the minute a sharp 'Oy!' suffices instead of Horatio... He seems to understand his name though and loves the word 'sit'. In his world it means treat.