Thursday, July 07, 2011

Puppy Class

Horatio and I attended our first puppy class last night. Wednesdays are usually reserved for PRC training but given my sick note from the doctor for the next two weeks I figured we should make the most of it. Also Horatio continues to exhibit naughty behaviour - see entry below.
Now, those of you who have met HHH know he's extremely friendly and outgoing. He meets and greets everybody/dog without exception when we are out walking. Not last night though. Nope, he turned all timid and nervous. All the other pups were having a whale of a time 'socialising' whilst Horatio cowered under my seat barking at any dog that looked at him. Most peculiar. I think we will be returning... and returning until this improves.


Bouncing Bertie said...

Now Horatio this won't do at all! Timid behaviour at puppy class? Unheard of! Talk about letting the side down....
Toodle pip!
Bertie (who is puzzled and amazed).
PS from Gail - sorry, can't offer any hints here, I had just the opposite problem with Bertie - total and reckless fearlessness. I often wished he had a bit of the innate cautiousness that Horatio seems to be displaying.

Jake of Florida said...

Well hello!!! How nice to meet you Mr. Horatio. That picture of you head on as a puppy made my mom's heart melt because she remembers me looking exactly like that -- nine and a half years ago.

We're so sorry your mom's experience here in the states had to include a visit to a medical establishment -- I don't think the VisitNYC folks include that in their brochures!

As for the art of grooming us foxies, what some of our humans do is a combination of stripping(plucking) our wirey jackets until they get into an area that evokes serious licking or other stop! behavior -- and then clipping and scissoring the areas that are soft, usually white anyway. Not recommended for show dogs, but for us pets who still like to look sharp with our colors intact, it works. (Can't believe I just said that!)

I hope your mom is all better by now!!! If a visit to South Florida is in the works, we'd love to meet her!

Jake (and Just Harry) (OK, and Mom, Joan

Jake of Florida said...

Oh, and the furminator is an amazing tool that gets rid of the undercoat between serious grooming.