Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Since getting sick with glandular fever I have had to re-acquaint myself with the art of doing nothing especially on the biggest adventure day of the weekend - Saturday! Having just blown my energy store for the week with a 50-mile cycle round Loch Tay yesterday, I'm feeling a little tired today and am hoping that if I keep it low key today, maybe I can have an adventure tomorrow :)
So, here's a run down of interesting ways to blow the day:

  • Get that white-wash on that you've been meaning to do all week... ok, that's not interesting!

  • Pick up the knitting project again!

  • Chill out to some free jazz on the internet - check out Nerissa Campbell.

  • Google some of those places you visited on your last adventure. Scott and I blasted past this place yesterday high above Loch Tay.... guess where I want to spend Hogmanay this year!!!

  • Planning that autumn trip to Stockholm. Note to self: call Fifi to finalise dates :)

  • Polish your shoes - remember, you used to do this with your school shoes? Well, there's something therapeutic about doing it to your work shoes too.

1 comment:

Yak Hunter said...

Hey Climbingmandy hope you have a good adventure today. xx